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Automate HACCP plans with the Comark N5001 HACCP Auditor

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The Comark N5001 HACCP Auditor available from ECEFast is a range of handheld data loggers designed to facilitate real-time food safety control.

Helping to improve HACCP plan processes, the N5001 HACCP Auditor automatically records results, displays instructions for corrective action, and keeps a complete digital log of all required readings in one handheld device.

The food safety loggers allow simple programming on a PC using one’s own workplace terminology for easy adoption by staff and integrated with everyday tasks.

The HACCP Auditor ensures that food safety plans are carried out according to schedule with little supervision in addition to minimising the time and effort required to keep complete records that are also easy to access in the event of an external audit of the system.

Key capabilities of the Comark N5001 HACCP Auditor:

  • Logged-in operator can schedule and acknowledge regular actions such as cleaning, sanitising and tidying
  • Temperature measurements requested in plain text, recorded and acknowledged
  • Temperature out of set tolerance will trip an alarm and direct the user to the planned corrective action
  • Can be connected to a PC and data uploaded, eliminating need for checklists and data entry

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