ECEFast is your single source provider for all industrial instrumentation, measurement and control equipment. They specialise in sourcing quality brands at competitive prices, from low cost to advances solutions, they can find the right product for your application.

ECEFast have over 15,000 products from over 22 suppliers worldwide as well as temperature sensors and accessories they manufacture onsite at their Melbourne facility. ECEFast ... + View more


Supplier news
05/05/14 - ECEFast introduces a new range of multifunctional handheld meters designed for use in multiple applications.
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18/06/13 - ECEFast introduces a new range of IR cameras from CorDEX designed to provide thermography in hazardous/explosive areas.
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02/10/12 - The Comark N5001 HACCP Auditor available from ECEFast is a range of handheld data loggers designed to facilitate real-time food safety control.
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01/10/12 - ECEFast presents a new range of thermocouple SD card loggers by Lutron designed to deliver high data logging convenience.
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ECEFast Brands

Anritsu Meter CO APCS Brainchild Center Comark Cooper Atkins Datapaq dataTaker E + E ECEFast FineTek Fluke Gefran Gems HART Lutron Marlin Phoenix Platypus PMA PR Electronics Raytek TEW & C Texmate Thermoelectric Wire & Cable

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