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Full range of electrical conduits available from EC&M Electrical

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EC&M Electrical  are suppliers of an expansive range of electrical conduits; electrical piping systems for the protection and routing of electrical wiring.

Electrical conduits available from EC&M Electrical include their UF, RF, HF, EF, and SF varieties.

Manufactured from PVC with a co-extruded spiral of hard thermoplastic, UF electrical conduit is highly flexible and a true workhorse. UF electrical conduit is resistant to a wide range of oils and chemicals, as well as being UV stable. Suitable applications for UF electrical conduit include:

  • commercial
  • domestic; and
  • use with with machinery where flexibility strength and a rating of IP65 is required.
RF is a rugged, non-metallic, liquid tight, co-extruded electrical conduit, which is made to US specifications for use in the most demanding of applications such as mining machinery, sewage treatment, dairy food wash down applications, and steelmaking. RF electrical conduit is highly resistant to oil and is temperature rated to 105°C.

Made from polymide, HF electrical conduits are a highly flexible, non-metallic and halogen-free (HF), rated from -30°C to 100°C (150°C intermittent). HF electrical conduit is primarily used in transport system and tunnel work, where fire may cause a leak of acid gases posing a threat to passengers or workers. Thanks to it's flexibility at low temperatures, HF electrical conduits can be used in applications such as freezers and cold stores.

A metallic, liquid tight conduit, made to US standards and dimensions, the EF electrical conduit features a square locked, cord packed, steel core, and a smooth, key-locked PVC jacket. EF electrical conduit will provide protection to IP67 and is ideal for heavy industrial applications such as those in:

  • power plants
  • railways
  • foundries
  • metal works; and
  • mining.
SF electrical conduit is a lighter duty, steel flexible conduit, available bare or sheathed, with a convoluted vacuum-applied PVC jacket. This conduit is flexible and as such is ideal for use where steel protection is required, but without the rigidity of the EF conduit. With a temperature rating of -15°C to +75°C sheathed and -50°C to +300°C for unsheathed, applications may be in both hot and cold areas.

Unsheathed applications for SF electrical conduits include:

  • beneath raised floors of computer rooms
  • as mechanical protection for security applications; and
  • around hot areas of furnaces and burners.
Sheathed applications for SF electrical conduits include:
  • robotics
  • sheet glass machinery
  • security cameras; and
  • sheet metal machinery.

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