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SVS09 power distribution system from E-T-A ElectroTechnical Applications

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E-T-A ElectroTechnical Applications  have released the power distribution system type SVS09 with integral signalling for the use in control cabinets of process and control technology.

The SVS09 power distribution systems offer clear advantages for the manifold requirements of measuring and controlling in a power plant with its thousands of transducers and valves which have to be embedded systematically, rationally and safely into the control and communication system.

The SVS09 power distribution systems are suited to comprehensive protection concepts where a great number of I/O units and transducers can be involved in the end protected against over current.

The plugged-in circuit breaker trips in the event of overload or short circuit and the SVS09 master unit will create a group signal for itself and all assigned slave units which will be acknowledged directly in the control cabinet or peripherally in the block control room. After remedy of the failure the circuit breaker will be manually reset and the group signalling function will in the meantime be again ready for use.

Further features:

  • Mounting, wiring and system enhancements are simple because of the spring-loaded terminals and loop-through terminals for the DC24 V supply and reduce space and wiring requirements in the control cabinet to a minimum.
  • The signalling logic is fitted in a plug-on type signalling module and features a stable relay technology unsusceptible to ESD.
  • The compact SVS09 power distribution system is track-mountable and, with a width of only 140mm, it accommodates ten circuit breakers of the thermal-magnetic series as well as the electronic series with integral current limitation.
  • The combination of rational wiring, selective protection and reliable signalling of the SVS09 power distribution system is an excellent foundation for easy and systematic trouble-shooting and thus enhances system availability.

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