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New 1626 Mini Circuit Breakers from E-T-A ElectroTechnical Applications

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E-T-A ElectroTechnical Applications  presents a new line of mini circuit breakers designed to offer all the advantages of fully-featured automotive circuit breakers in an extremely compact design.

The fully-loaded 1626 mini circuit breakers save up to 30% space in vehicle fuse boxes where space is usually at a premium.

Key features of 1626 mini circuit breakers

  • Automatic reset mini circuit breakers with modified reset, manual reset and switchable version models
  • Mini circuit breakers are suitable for DC 12V systems as well as DC 24V applications
  • Suitable for truck manufacturers who can profit from the advantages of a compact circuit breaker
  • Offers optimum protection of all loads in a vehicle at minimum space requirement

Depending on the load to be protected and location in the truck, the manufacturer can select the optimum version from the available models.

The innovative mini circuit breaker 1626 offers the ideal solution for any requirement. The manual reset option offers ease of disconnection for maintenance purposes and the push button can easily be reset after a trip while the modified reset version allows automatic reset of the circuit breaker after disconnection of the load.

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