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Extended range of flow monitors

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E-T-A's range of flow monitors and meters is suitable for widespread applications ranging from the chemical industry over industrial engineering up to process control in cooling equipment.

Monitored media are water and watery liquids, oils, air and gases, even with high pressure values. The flow switch FS20 is a further extension of the flow monitor range of E-T-A for applications in pipes with big diameters as well as in cooling equipment with thick-walled insulation.

Major features of the compact single-point flow switch are its optimised design for the special applications, the push-in monitoring head and the wide temperature range which makes it suitable for use in ambient temperatures from -25° to +100°C.

The integral electronic control unit in the stainless steel monitoring head saves space. Electrical connection is by means of a 3-pole M12 connector to IEC 947. The required supply voltage is 24V dc.

The FS20 allows monitoring of either a maximum or minimum limit value. The desired switch point may be adjusted steplessly by the user depending on the medium via a potentiometer. A short-circuit proof switching output provides signalisation with a power Mosfet. Power failure, e.g. in the event of wire breakage, will be signalled like a flow fault.

Method of operation of the E-T-A flow switches type FS20 is the calorimetric principle. The invasive measurement implies no moving parts in the flow stream and no wear, keeping the equipment maintenance-free; impairment of the medium is excluded.

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