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ESS22-T new circuit breakers from E-T-A ElectroTechnical Applications

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article image ESS22-T new circuit breakers from E-T-A ElectroTechnical Applications

E-T-A ElectroTechnical Applications introduces the electronic circuit breakers type ESS22-T.

These new circuit breakers extend the E-T-A product range of electronic circuit protection for DC 24 V applications. The combination of active electronic current limitation in the event of a short circuit and overload disconnection from 1.1 times rated current provides double pole selective protection of DC 24 V load systems.

Through selective disconnection the ESS22-T circuit breakers respond much faster to overload or short circuit conditions than the switch-mode power supply. This is achieved by active current limitation.

Further, the ESS22-T limits the highest possible current to typically 1.4 times the selected rated current. Thus it is possible to switch on capacitive loads of up to20,000 μF, but they are disconnected only in the event of an overload short circuit

Remote operation of these circuit breakers is possible by means of a physically isolated control input. The manual ON/OFF button allows separate actuation of individual load circuits.

The ESS22-T, with a width of only 22.5 mm, can be snapped onto symmetrical rails ensuring ease of installation and saving space in control cabinets. Upon detection of overload or short circuit in the load circuit, the MOSFET of the load output will be blocked to interrupt the current flow. In addition the load output will be physically isolated by a mechanical switching element. The load circuit can be re-activated via the physically isolated reset input or manually by actuation of the ON/OFF button.

They meet the requirements of the machinery directive 2006/42/EC and the affiliated standard EN 60204-1 “Safety of Machinery, Electrical Equipment of Machines”, para

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