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E-T-A ElectroTechnical Applications offers E-1048-S6xx smart power relays

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article image E-1048-S6xx smart power relays serve as an electronic relay, overcurrent protection and diagnostic module

E-1048-S6xx smart power relays from E-T-A ElectroTechnical Applications provide a reliable solution for switching, protecting and monitoring PLC-controlled resistive, inductive or lamp loads in DC 24V systems.

These devices are optimised purely electronic power relays that offer protective, monitoring and diagnostic functions, as well as:

  • wear-free operation
  • permanent monitoring of the load circuit with regard to wire break; and
  • reliable protection against short circuit and overload of loads and load lines.
Versions are available in ratings from 0.5 to 4A, all of which feature a width of only 12.5mm, helping to optimise space use. These new smart power relays are suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures up to +60°C without performance reduction.

The triple functionality of E-1048-S6xx smart power relays as electronic relays, overcurrent protection devices and diagnostic devices makes them a powerful yet cost effective replacement for a range of plug-in connections, helping to avoid possible failure sources.

Typical applications for these devices include in:

  • the switching of motors
  • magnetic valves and signalling lamps in process control; and
  • as a coupling component for programmable control units in automation.

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