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19BGT Printed Circuit Boards from E-T-A ElectroTechnical Applications

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E-T-A ElectroTechnical Applications  offers a line of new printed circuit boards for their 19-inch rack 19BGT representing a user-friendly and cost-effective wiring solution.  

Part of E-T-A’s range of system solutions, the new printed circuit boards (PCBs) are suitable for use in factory automation, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries and telecommunications.

The conventional method of individually wiring supply feed, auxiliary contacts, load outputs and various special functions was relatively time-consuming. The new circuit board with integral terminal blocks offers fast and professional support with connection in control cabinets.  

The terminal blocks are soldered on to the circuit board from the front-side while the board features integral terminals on the rear side. Wiring of the rack becomes much more compact and may be carried out much faster. Risk of wiring errors is also minimised.

An integral pull relief in the rack ensures resistance of the circuit board against mechanical strain under harsh everyday conditions, eliminating the usual moveable wiring and its subsequent problems.

The 19BGT circuit board has been designed for single pole or double pole circuit breakers with a maximum of 30 poles. This allows wiring up to 30 channels in single pole or up to 15 channels in double pole.  

A number of E-T-A overcurrent protection products can be used in connection with the printed circuit boards:

  • Electronic circuit breakers type ESS20
  • Electronic circuit protector ESX10
  • Thermal-magnetic circuit breaker types 2210, 3600 and 3900
  • Solid state remote power controller E-1048-700

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