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Tender, property and stock disposal services offered by E Auctions

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E Auctions  offers to its client services related to tender, property and stock disposals. A leading position across a broad variety of services is held by E Auctions. Although E Auctions operates mainly in auctioneering onsite, it also operates in house with emphasis on advisory and trading services. It is also building a status of providing clients with an outstanding level of innovative services.

E Auctions has the capability to structure and finish every tendering need of its customers. Property Services offered by E Auctions include factory clean-ups, factory clear outs and factory relocations.

The services offered by E Auctions under stock disposals include food lines, retail lines and textiles. There are other services also under the stock disposal category such as hardware, clothes, plastics and miscellaneous.

Apart from the above services, E Auctions also supplies reports, inspections, international transport, oil samples, customs clearance, steam cleaning, de-assembly, special washing and re assembly to the worksite of customers in the Asia pacific region.

The upcoming auctions of E Auctions are going to be held on 30 and 31st of May. The auction that is going to be held on 30th of May is an online 'make an offer tender style' auction.

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