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Dyson reveals new Airblade A03 hand dryers at DesignEX 2010

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Fast, effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly Airblade hand dryers from Dyson Appliances have just received a significant boost in environmental sensitivity with the new Airblade A03 hand dryer range, which were revealed publicly in Australia for the first time at DesignEX 2010.

“Since the launch of the Dyson Airblade A01 hand dryer, we have been working with clients and distributors to help measure the effect of hand drying solutions on energy consumption, waste to landfill and carbon reduction policies,” says Ross Cameron, managing director of Dyson SEA.

“During this time it had become clear that as well as offering a more energy and carbon efficient solution in use, which the Dyson Airblade A01 already provides, there was an opportunity to reduce the CO2e emissions in the production of our hand dryers.” Cameron states.

Made from Polycarbonate ABS, rather than aluminium, the new Airblade A03 hand dryers are over 50% more CO2e efficient to produce. Utilising the same material often used in the manufacture of golf club heads, riot shields and crash helmets, PC- ABS ensures toughness, strength, ease of moulding and high quality surface finish from the polycarbonate, along with exceptional shock absorbance and chemical resistance from the ABS.

Along with the significant impact in reducing carbon emissions during manufacture, the new Airblade A03 hand dryers also offer a lighter alternative to the A01, ideal for light duty walls or environments that require constant relocation.

With the aim to further improve speed and product efficiency, the sensors on the A03 have also been relocated to ensure a faster response when hands are inserted and removed.

The new Dyson Airblade A03 range hand dryers will be available in two colour ranges, aluminium and white, to help provide greater integration for clients install environments.

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