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Pressure and water pumps from Dynapumps

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Dynapumps  offers vacuum and pressure pumps that can also be used in electronic research and technology industry to ensure purity and cleanliness of the electronic equipment for analysis and experimental work. The applications of the pumps in electronic industry includes central vacuum systems, chemical sludges, chemical dosing, semi conduct manufacture, evacuation of inert gases, evacuation of analysis equipment, accelerators and beam lines to name a few.

Dynapumps supplies an entire gamut of pups to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry for variety of applications. The pressure and vacuum pumps are used for vapour recovery, drying and filtration, de-aeration, soil remediation, reagents, sump dewatering band transfer, process liquids and de-gasification.

The pressure and vacuum pumps are also used by water supply and treatment industry for sewage evacuation, waste water treatment, water transfer and aeration purposes. The plastic manufacture and forming industry also uses water pumps offered by Dynapumps to form and shape bottles and containers, to hold and lift the plastic material and to clean test containers. The various plastic industry applications include extruder, forming mould holding, resin infusion, vacuum bagging, sputter coating, plastic transportation and degassing systems.

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