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Different range of products offered by Dynamic Heating and Cooling

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Dynamic Heating and Cooling  offers DIY (Do It Yourself), it is economic a good substitute for fully installed system. It comes as evaporative cooling, ducted heating, and ducted air-conditioning. Ducted units like Ducted Heaters, Evaporative coolers and ducted air-conditioners are available. Ducted heaters comes in 15kW, 20kW and 30kW heaters. Evaporative coolers comes as Brivis Advance, Brivis Profiler and Brivis Contour. Ducted air-conditioning like Bonaire B007 (7kW), Bonaire B009(9kW), Bonaire B012(12kW), Bonaire B015(kW) and Bonaire B016(16kW), Ducted air-conditioning are low voltage and wall mounted thermostat.

Dynamic Heating and cooling offers Digital manual Thermostat with LCD display, ideal for boilers, zone valves, ducted heaters and circulation pumps. Programmable thermostat for 24 Vac conventional Ducted heating it can save up to 33% of annual cost for heating and cooling. Supply air grilles are used to bring air to the room. It is available in wide range of floor vent or floor registers and as various ceiling diffusers and vents. A return air grille is required for central heating or cooling systems to draw the air back to the unit. Other accessories like duct accessories, gas flue, sundry items and exhaust vents are also available.

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