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Dynamic Fit announces Red Maple Advanced Trade contract management software

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Developed by Red Maple, Advanced Trade Management is supplied in Australia by Dynamic Fit , and offers a complete contract management software solution that is capable of handling even the most advanced pricing agreements.

Capable of processing everything from baseline contracts to deferred revenue, Advanced Trade Management expands on the trade agreements in Microsoft’s Dynamics AX, delivering an enhanced set of features that can drive profit table customer interactions.

This contract management software addresses the full sales cycle by providing tools that allow the user to:

  • create contracts
  • manage pricing
  • fulfil based on schedules; and
  • recognize revenue through accruals.
Offering flexibility for every level of contract management, the software enables companies to create contracts for one-off sales or long-term sales agreements.

Within these contracts, users can outline agreements to specify a variety of terms and conditions that may govern future transactions with a customer, such as prices, volume discounts and commitments.

In addition, customer purchase commitments can be generated using the contract management software for either the entire contract, or for specific items in the contract.

This allows users to track accumulated order totals, and compare them against contractual commitments.

This ultimately reduces administration costs, and provides companies with a more efficient, straightforward means by which to boost sales and reduce costs.

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