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HORIZONS International, represented by Dynamic Business Consultants , has announced the release of new modules and enhancements to its Shop Floor Control (SFC) software.

The enhancements include a workstation-based data entry solution and a new graphical interface to add functionality and ease of use at an affordable price.

Profitable businesses need accurate, up to date, easy-to-access data about every detail relating to a job or work order.

In general, many companies still fight the difficulties associated with work order scheduling and tracking throughout the factory. Front office processing of time cards and labour tickets is time consuming and can often be two or three days behind.

Old, inaccurate information will lead to increased costs, late deliveries and reduced customer satisfaction.

Horizons new 'Shop Floor Processing' (SFP) module provides a shop floor control system with direct reporting of labor and time and materials. Employees use data collection terminals (any Windows-based workstation) as time clocks and clock themselves in and out of operations, as well as updating other related facts, to produce real time work order tracking.

Horizons software developers have built a unique product that continues to be fully integrated with Microsoft's Business Solutions (MBS) Great Plains.

This type of data collection is practical for any sized company, offers an affordable solution for real-time data input without the high cost of additional user licenses and will increase individual productivity and team collaboration.

As markets accelerate, so does the pace of change. New technologies and new customer demands increase the pressure to make adjustments in the process to accommodate such changes while maintaining or improving efficiencies and profitability.

Shop Floor Control helps manufacturers organise and control this dynamic process. Horizons new graphical enhancement gives the user a chance to try a "what if" scenario allowing modifications and the ability to review the affects on the entire process.

Benefits include more accurate and realistic delivery schedules, true work center load balancing, priorities can be adjusted without losing track of existing jobs, eliminate time spent checking order status, and constant feedback on job costs.

Horizons International has also announced the much anticipated release of Horizons Manufacturing Suite version 8.73. The enhanced integration with Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains 8.0 and a new Crystal Report writer provide manufacturers with more tools to help them grow their business.

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