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Dyesol exceeds stringent PV durability test by 400%

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Australian clean-tech company and Dye Solar Cell industry leader, Dyesol Limited announced that its solar-enabling technology has exceeded a key international photovoltaic industry standard test for long-term durability.

Speaking at the European Materials Research Society Conference in Strasbourg, France, Dyesol Chief Scientist Dr Hans Desilvestro explained that the gold standard of new photovoltaic device development is certification by an international standard such as IEC 61646, where one of the harsher tests requires product stability at a constant temperature of 85°C for over 1000 hours.

According to Dr Desilvestro, Dyesol tested its industrially scalable Dye Solar Cell materials with the material set maintaining over 90% of initial performance after an extremely stressful test of 5000 hours at a constant temperature of 85°C.

Dyesol’s Dye Solar Cell technology exceeded the time required under one of the most stringent IEC durability tests by 400%.

The latest announcement relates to the liquid-based DSC system; the Company is also moving forward with similar evaluations for the solid state DSC system. Dyesol and its R&D collaboration partners will continue to develop liquid-based and solid-state technologies in parallel to suit applications most relevant to their specific attributes.

Dye Solar Cell technology is a third generation photovoltaic and nanotechnology printed onto glass, metal or plastic substrates in a series of extremely thin layers. The technology can be transparent or opaque, and a number of colour options are possible.

Key markets for Dye Solar Cell technology include Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), consumer electronics, and remote sensors.

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