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Dyesol and Printed Power (Singapore) enter a new market

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Dyesol  has entered into a new venture with Printed Power Pte Ltd to develop products that will integrate printed batteries and sensor networks with energy generating Dye Solar Cell (DSC) technology.

Tapping into the multi-million dollar wireless remote sensor market and emerging printed battery market for near term Combined Energy Generation and Storage devices is driving the vision to develop a low-light indoor DSC-powered product.

Dyesol Director Gordon Thompson says that Dyesol will be leveraging exciting advances in solid state DSC research to access a new commercial opportunity. The IP that will be jointly developed within Printed Power will also be available to Dyesol to help progress the company’s projects to the mass-market commercialisation stage.

Dyesol has acquired an equity stake through a strategic investment in Printed Power Pte Ltd, a spinoff company of Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Printed Power is initially focussing on the integration of DSC technology with printed storage and power management systems to create fully integrated Combined Energy Generation and Storage devices.

The aim is to be at the forefront of fully printed and self-sustaining Combined Energy Generation and Storage (CEGS) solutions globally. CEGS devices have a range of applications including sensor networks and smart building applications, opening up a wide range of commercial opportunities.

Printed Power has been awarded a SG$480k (AUD$371k) grant from the SPRING Singaporean Government enterprise development agency for a ‘Proof of Value’ project to develop a low light indoor sensor network product suitable for commercialisation within a two-year time frame.

According to NTU Professor Subohd Mhaisalkar, Director of Printed Power, Dyesol’s relationship with Printed Power is focussed on the development of autonomous self-powered devices and bringing these products to market. Mr Thompson added that DSC lends itself to this application as an extremely efficient indoor energy harvesting system, and as a viable low-cost printable technology compatible with mass production.

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