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Dwyer Instruments equip businesses with the right tools for the right industry. Their reliable, quality and low cost industrial instruments and sensors are readily available, with conveniently held stock and weekly airfreight shipments. 

Trained and experienced technical staff have an understanding of the needs of Australian and New Zealand markets.

Dwyers Instrumentation and Sensor Product Range has been developed by industry professionals for professionals
  • Pressure: Pressure Switches, Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Gauges, Manometers, Pressure Test Instruments
  • Air Velocity: Air Velocity Sensors, Pitot Tubes, Wind Meters, Air Velocity Test Instruments
  • Flow: Flow Meters, Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  • Level: Hydostatic Level Switches, Ultrasonic Level Switches and Ultrasonic Level Transmitters, Capacitive Level Switches and Capacitive Level Transmitters, Paddle Level Switches, Tuning Fork Level Switches, Pump Controllers
  • Temperature: Temperature Sensors, Thermometers, Infrared Temperature Sensors, Temperature Controllers, Temperature Switches, Temperature Transmitters
  • Process Control: Dust Collection, Panel Meters, Particulate Sensors, Process Control Timers, Process Indicators
  • Humidity and Air Quality: Air Quality Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Hygrometers, Humidity Switches, Humidity Transmitters, Carbon Dioxide Sensors, Carbon Dioxide Transmitters
As a leading manufacturer in the instrumentation and sensor industry, Dwyer Instruments continue to grow and serve major markets including, but not limited to Building Automation, HVAC, water and waste water bulk powder, chemical, food, oil and gas, and pollution control.
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30/06/14 - Dwyer Instruments introduces the new Series CDTA communicating carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature detectors.
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06/03/13 - Dwyer Instruments introduces its new Series IEFS insertion electromagnetic flow sensors.
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21/12/12 - Dwyer Instruments presents the Series TTE explosion-proof RTD temperature transmitters featuring user selectable ranges and optional LCD display.
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20/12/12 - Dwyer Instruments offers the Series TSWB digital temperature switches designed with high and low set points for controlling the water temperature and checking water level.
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19/12/12 - The Series TS3 digital temperature switches available from Dwyer Instruments offer the ideal control for on/off heating or cooling applications.
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