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Dwyer Instruments introduces new series capacitive level transmitter

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The Mercoid division of Dwyer Instruments is offering a new capacitive level transmitter, the CRF2.

The CRF2 uses impulse RF admittance measurement and provides good level measurement and stability.

The CRF2 senses capacitance changes resulting from the height of the material in the tank between the probe and the tank wall. This capacitive technology has no moving parts, no jams, no wear, nothing to break and no maintenance.

The CRF2 comes with either rigid or flexible probe depending on application installation need and probe length required.

Featured in the CRF2 is easy push button calibration of zero and span. Custom order the CRF2 to any length probe that you need for your application. FEP covered probe is ideal for use with corrosive media.

The CRF2 is ideal for level indication for difficult applications such as sludge, slurry, liquids with suspended solids, bulk solids and can detect liquid interfaces.

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