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Dwyer Instruments Level Switches, Transmitters and Indicators for Liquids and Dry Bulk and Solids

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Dwyer Instruments manufacture a range of Level Switches, Level Indicators and Level Transmitters are suitable for liquids and dry bulk and solids.Their industry expertise have produced a series of products suitable for all industries. Dwyers quality range of level switches are economical and suitable for use in hazardous areas. 

Choose from a comprehensive range of level measurement instruments such as:
  • Level Switches: Capacitive, Conductivity, Diaphragm, Displacer, Float, Inductive, Optical, Paddle, Tilt, Tuning Fork, Ultrasonic
  • Level Transmitters: Capacitive, Float, Mechanical, Pressure, Submersible, Ultrasonic
  • Bin Vibrators: Piston Vibrator, Bin Aerator Pad, Pneumatic Ball Vibrator, Electric Bin Vibrator, Fluidiser Disk, Air Hammer, Micro Fluidiser Disk, Pneumatic Roller Vibrator, Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator
These level measurement devices are suitable for a variety of applications including dust collection, pneumatic conveying, process control industries, water and wastewater, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.
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29/10/12 - The Series RHP-W wall mount humidity, temperature and dew point transmitters from Dwyer Instruments are designed for high functional versatility and measurement accuracy.
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22/08/11 - Dwyer Instruments introduces the Guided Wave Radar Transmitter range, for liquids and solids, with analog and switching output to provide continuous level indication of liquids or powder bulk material
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28/03/11 - Dwyer Instruments recently announced the release of its new Series ULB ultrasonic solid level transmitters.
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24/09/10 - Dwyer Instruments introduces the new Series DTP dip tape plastic level indicators designed for continuous liquid level indication in storage tanks and vessels.
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11/05/10 - Dwyer Instruments is pleased to announce the release of its new Series RHP-W humidity/dew point/temperature transmitters.
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