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Dust Extraction Solutions introduce Reverse-Jet Pulse Dust Collectors

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Dust Extraction Solutions  offer a dust collection Reverse-Jet system fitted with Continuous Duty Pulse Cleaning using a Solid State Timer controller, or Pulse-on-demand using a Pressure Differential controller which is pre-set to operate the pulse between High and Low filter pressure differential settings.  

Dust Extraction Systems allow the production process to be continuous without the need to interrupt for a cleaning cycle. The Reverse-Jet Pulse system does not need to shut down, unlike other types of cleaning systems such as shakers and reverse flow systems which must shut down certain cells or entirely shut down to be effective when cleaning the filters, interrupting your production process. High pressure compressed air also loosens particles off the filters better than a low pressure cleaning system.  

The Prime-Mover fan, which is recommended, is located on the clean air side of the collector to maintain the desired negative pressure across the collector. A clean air fan provides higher efficiency and therefore lower power absorption and longer operating life as no material passes through the fan.

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