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Overfill alarm systems from Dust Collection Services

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Dust Collection Services  designs and manufactures silofil overfill alarm system that has a control box, a butterfly valve and a level probe system. The control system in the alarm provides visual and audible alarm effects whereas the butterfly valve allows the operator to reduce and stop the product flow. The butterfly valve operates 15-20 seconds after the alarm gets activated and the level probe aids in triggering the alarm.

Dust Collection Services supplies reverse pulse vent filters with mild steel construction and has a compact design. The vent filters are provided with either painted finish or optional hot dipped galvanized finish. This system also has an optional fan and compressed air requirements.

Dust Collection Services offers an array of industrial vacuum units that are used by various industries including foundries, mining, quarries, breweries and cement works. The industrial vacuum units supplied by Dust Collection Services are of various types including mobile or fixed, electrical or diesel, with or without large volume inceptors and various other combinations.

Dust Collection Services provides industrial vacuum units that are suitable for heavy duty industries and are used for reclaiming of industrial pills from blocked hoppers, conveyors and bins.

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