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Dust Collection Services  offers wide range of products and services which aids in providing solutions to air pollution. Dust Collection Services supplies an array of dust collectors and related products including cyclo-filters, silo vent filters, wet scrubbers, silofil over fill alarm system, modu-pulse collectors, industrial vacuum units, ducting systems, downdraft sanding bench, fans and silo discharger.

Dust Collection Services offers installation and after sales maintenance service to their customers to ensure that the customers are satisfied. The cyclo range of dust collectors provided by Dust Collection Services are economical and effective dust control system and are designed for low duty cycle applications including small shops and schools where duty cycle does not need a reverse pulse jet system.

The cyclofilters offered by Dust Collection Services have a capacity ranging between 3400 to 6500m3/hr. Dust Collection Services provides a cyclo system that aids in effective waste and dust extraction. Dust Collection Services designs, installs and manufactures turnkey extraction systems.

Dust Collection Services offers filters and downdraft sanding bench that aids in reducing dust and created a downdraft around the system that is being sanded. The downdraft sanding system helps in drawing dust to the exhaust points which can be fitted to a stand alone filter.

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