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Battery chargers from Durst Industries

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Durst Industries  offers wide range of marine and automotive test, charging and diagnostic equipment. Durst Industries supplies an array of products including battery chargers, switch mode chargers, industrial UPS chargers, deep cycle and marine batteries, jump starters, battery load testers and DC power converters.

Durst Industries supplies products to various industries including aviation, automotive, education, commercial, marine, military, training and marine applications. The products offered by Durst Industries are of premium quality and are reliable and durable.

The battery chargers offered by Durst Industries are used by local councils, government departments, mines, heavy vehicle workshops and earth moving workshops. The automotive battery chargers have an amperage output of 10 amps. The chargers provided by Durst Industries have easy to read meters, re-setable overloads, fully protected transformers and reverse polarity warning lights.

Durst Industries supplies switch mode battery chargers which have micro processor to vary the change rate in three stages that is bulk rate, absorption rate and float mode rate. The switch mode battery chargers has a user friendly LED that is available in single and multiple channels.

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