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Vacuum cleaners and industrial machines from Duplex Cleaning Machines

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Duplex Cleaning Machines  designs vacuum cleaning equipment for use in commercial as well as domestic carpet cleaning applications. The Duplex upright vacuum cleaner series is designed to operate for long durations without the requirement for changing cleaning bags or HEPA filters. Along with vacuum cleaners, a wide range of adjustable accessories such as attachments and floor tools for each vacuum model are available from Duplex Cleaning Machines.

Duplex Cleaning Machines’ primary vacuum cleaner product is the FastVac, which is equipped with a motorised power head capable of shaking the carpet to release dirt. The product is best suited for Flotex carpets. The CleanAir is a low-noise vacuum cleaner, which is available in super-quiet and ultra-quiet models. These vacuum cleaners are equipped with large vacuum cleaner bags and a 3-stage HEPA filter, and are suitable for air cleaning applications.

Duplex Cleaning Machines’ industrial machine product range includes commercial scrubbers, steamers and industrial floor sweepers. The industrial cleaning machine range is multifunctional, with a sweeper, scrubber and vacuum cleaner integrated in a single machine. Salla and JetVac Major are the two products industrial machine products.

Salla is designed to be a versatile, medium-sized machine capable of wet and dry vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing and drying. Salla is generally applicable in industries with tough operating conditions. Duplex Cleaning Machines recommends this product for swimming centres, basketball courts and halls, food processing, engineering and mechanical industries. The JetVac Major is a steam machine equipped with a 12,000W boiler for steam generation.

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