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Tile floor cleaning equipment available from Duplex Cleaning Machines

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Traditional cleaning of tiled floors has always been a painstaking and tedious task; especially if the floor tile that needed to be clean is a porcelain tile with a profiled surface. The problem is too many people simply do not have the right tile cleaning equipment.

Instead cleaners usually attempt to clean floor tiles by the old mop and bucket approach. While mopping might seem ok at first, after a while the mop simply coats the tile with dirty recycled chemical laden water residue. This in turn leaves the tile looking dull and the grout lines looking filthy.

A better way to keep tiles looking clean and new is by using a tile cleaner like the Duplex Floor Scrubber from Duplex Cleaning Machines . The Duplex Floor Scrubber is an Italian manufactured machine purposely designed for cleaning floor tiles. Unlike mopping a Duplex actually removes soiling from the tile surface and only cleans with fresh water.

This is possible through the unique design of the Duplex that features twin water tanks, twin contra-rotating cylindrical brushes, twin recovery belts and a central recovery tank. The combination of these features allows a Duplex to scrub, clean and dry all types of tiled floors in a single pass.

Duplex can clean right into the corners and to the wall in both directions. This is possible through a two way handle and offset brush design only found in a Duplex. Better still the compact Duplex is easy to use and can also be used to clean many other floor surfaces including carpet.

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