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Tecnovap dry steam vapour cleaning machines available from Duplex Cleaning Machines

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Staph spreads in healthcare facilities through staff, patients and inanimate contact objects. Although for staff and patients detailed precautions are in place to prevent spreading of Staph, current cleaning practices of inanimate objects to prevent the spread of Staph and MRSA are still reactive.

At present, only when positive Staph infection are detected does terminal environmental cleaning of all inanimate objects take place. However by this stage, the Staph or MRSA would have spread through the facility. Enhancing everyday cleaning on a permanent basis, rather than a reactive basis, needs to be implemented to further prevent the spread of Staph.

To improve cleaning standards, modern cleaning technologies like steam vapour cleaners should be utilised in daily cleaning practices. The use of dry steam vapour cleaning, combined with micro-fibre cleaning fabrics, is an effective defence against Staph and MRSA.

Tecnovap Australia have a large range of dry steam vapour cleaning machines that reach boiler temperatures of up to 180º C. Released under low pressure, the Tecnovap 180º C dry steam vapour kills most bacteria within seconds. Dry steam vapour cleaning machines are available from Duplex Cleaning Machines .

Through using Tecnovap Australia’s dry steam cleaning machines, cleaners will consume up to 90% less water, almost eliminate the need for chemicals, decrease cleaning time and improve OH&S standards.

The gentle nature of dry steam vapour as cleaning agent is safe for decontaminating entire wards while they are still populated. Therefore mattresses, bed frames, curtains, blinds, soft chairs, floors, walls and ceilings can be treated without patients even leaving their rooms.

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