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Tecnovap Steam Box range from Duplex Cleaning Machines

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Tecnovap Steam Box range consists of a variety of high pressure box shaped steam generators and steam vacuums.

All featuring a stainless steel chassis with watertight IPX5 welding the Steam Box range has been developed with industrial cleaning applications in mind, both in regards to performance and strength.

Steam Boxes and similar machines are especially suited to food manufacturing and mechanical engineering plants.

As in many Tecnovap machines the heart of the Steam Box range is the patented Three Phased AISI 304 stainless steel Tungsten Insert Gas welded boiler with interchangeable heating element.

These boilers are limited to produce a powerful 10 bar pressure superheated 94% dry steam at temperatures of up to 180°C. T

his combination results in good cleaning power for even difficult cleans such as degreasing. Better still these boilers are self cleaning and require little maintenance.

The Steam Box with 94% super heated dry steam also has a low water usage. Operating at continuous 10 bar pressure the Steam Box has a water efficiency rating of less than 11 litres per hour.

Considering most water tanks have a minimum 10 litre capacity a lot of cleaning can be completed before refilling.

However as the Steam Box is a continuous steam generator, water tanks can be refilled at anytime during operation, alternatively many machines also come with an optional direct mains water supply connection.

Therefore the Steam Box can operate 24/7 without the loss of steam.

Unlike many other commercial steamers the Steam Box range features unique Tecnovap TrueTemp technology that enables continuos consistent temperature high pressure steam. The TrueTemp technology gives precise boiler refills and is unaffected by calcium deposits.

Another feature of the Steam Box range is overheated hot water/chemical injection. This feature injects 90-140°C water/detergent into the steam line enabling an even more efficient clean and ability to rinse off dirty residues.

Beginning in Italy almost 25 years ago the Tecnovap range now consists of over eighty small commercial and industrial steam machines. This is the most of any steam manufacturer in the world.

The Tecnovap steam range is only available in Australia only via Duplex Cleaning Machines and Tecnovap Australia.

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