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Range of floor scrubbers available from Duplex Cleaning Machines

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Duplex Cleaning Machines  has a range of floor scrubbers that are ideal for cleaning safety floors and other hard profiled floors.

In fact the Duplex floor washer/scrubber is often recommended by numerous safety floor producers including Global Safe, Karndean and Altro Safety Floors.

In recent years safety floors have become common as companies are increasingly installing safety flooring to lower insurance and prevent potential lawsuits. This is because safety floors prevent slipping accidents in wet areas.

The problem with this is that safety floors require a different style of cleaning than regular floors. Therefore cleaners are having a lot of trouble cleaning safety floors due to its rippled surface. The texture of a safety floor almost makes it impossible to remove dirt with a common mop and water. What is needed for a proper clean is a cylindrical floor scrubber such as the Duplex, Dupla or SALLA scrubber.

A mop is simply ineffective because it only cleans the top of the safety floor surface and then spreads the muddy grime further down into the crevices. This is troubling for companies as floors safety floors must be cleaned well because if dirt builds up in between the ripples the floor becomes less textured, which means it provides less grip when wet.

Unlike a mop, Duplex all-in-one floor scrubber/washer/extractors are able to get in between the ripples. This is due to the brushes which contain 800,000 bristles each. The action of these bristles actually flicks the dirty water up into a recovery tank instead of spreading it back over the floor; solving the problem of it getting trapped in the ripples.

The Thermoglide steam mop has also proven effective on safety floors, especially in bathrooms. Due to dry steam and a specialised Microfibre head, the Thermoglide leaves no water behind and collects all dirt through an absorbent Microfibre mop head.

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