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New escalator cleaner available from Duplex Cleaning Machines

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Usually the thought of cleaning escalators was enough to send most cleaners mad.

However the Duplex Cleaning Machines ’ escalator cleaner 350 has put many an escalator cleaning nightmare to rest.

The Duplex escalator cleaner 350 combines sweeping and scrubbing to attain new standards of escalator cleaning that are both fast and efficient.

  • Unique patented guide rail system ensures accurate tracking on the escalator
  • Machine is easily positioned at the bottom of the escalator and the specially designed brushes rotate at 650 RPM into the moving treads
  • The Duplex escalator cleaner brushes protect anodised finishes while penetrating into low profile areas of the surface, cleaning where dirt accumulates without damaging the surface
  • To remove dust accumulated in the escalator tread, first it is swept with the machine in dry mode and suction using any vacuum which attaches to the special connector supplied
  • Uses minimal water and the Duplex design avoids wetting the escalator mechanism
  • Cylindrical brushes scrub to bring the finish back to the steps within two or three passes
  • Will take under 45minutes to completely sweep and scrub most escalators
  • Easy to transport
  • Two way handle and Duplex unique offset brushes enable right to the edge cleaning for total escalator coverage

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