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Hard floor cleaners available from Duplex Cleaning Machines

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Duplex Cleaning Machines has a variety of hard floor cleaners available to suit all hard floor cleaning needs. These hard floor cleaners include the Duplex floor scrubber, Duplex Steam, Dupla 500 and the SALLA range.

All these hard floor cleaners available through Duplex Cleaning Machines will save water, increase efficiency, produce good results, recover dirty water and save on chemicals.

Duplex hard floor cleaners work on all hard floor surfaces including tiles and grout, vinyl, timber, safety floors, concrete and marble. In fact the Duplex floor scrubber even works on carpets.

Choosing your Duplex Cleaning Machines hard floor cleaner is simple. The important factor to consider is the type of floor to be cleaned as this will determine the size and requirement of the hard floor cleaner.

For small or narrow areas the Duplex floor scrubber is the ideal hard floor cleaner. This is because the Duplex range consists of manoeuvrable machines with a two way handle and bi-directional operation.

For hard floors in bathrooms and in kitchens the Duplex Steam is also ideal as steam will emulsify grease and disinfect the hard floor surface.

Medium to large areas require bigger hard floor cleaners such as the Duplex 620, Dupla 500 or the SALLA. These machines are all twin cylindrical brush machines that are designed to clean hard floors in a single pass using plain water.

All of these hard floor cleaning machines also feature water recovery.

The SALLA is especially good at cleaning large hard floors as it is a battery powered unit and therefore has freedom from any cords.

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