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Destroying bed bugs - the Tecnovap dry steam way

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In Australia bed bugs are always a constant threat and unfortunately bed bugs are a problem that will not go away. In recent times, Tecnovap Australia has seen an increase in inquiries from numerous hotels and assorted accommodation facilities in search of a solution to bed bug infestation. Fortunately for these companies and individuals there is a solution that does not require closing down rooms, the Dry Steam solution.

Dry Steam is a well recognised and effective means of killing all bed bug stages including the eggs. In Australia the leading authority on Bed Bugs is Stephen Doggett. Stephen is the Senior Medical Scientist of the Department of Entomology at Sydney's Westmead Hospital and in July 2006 he published - A Code of Practice for the control of Bed Bugs Infestations in Australia.

The following quotation is taken from page 22 of the code and states;

"Bed Bugs are very sensitive to heat and are rapidly killed when exposed to temperatures over 45°C.” “The most practical method of exploiting heat is through the use of Steam. The great advantage is that it will kill all bed bug stages including the eggs (most insecticides are non-ovicidal). A study from the United States (Meek 2003) has shown that a program that employs steam followed by insecticides provides better long-term control than by using insecticides alone.”

Dry steam is also less intrusive than tradition bed bug extermination methods meaning guest rooms do not have to remain vacant for long periods after cleaning. Tecnovap steam cleaning products also produce superheated dry steam in excess of 155°C easily ensuring all bed bugs are destroyed.

Tecnovap Australia have a variety of industrial and commercial strength steam products to tackle bed bug epidemic including the Jet Steam Professional, Jetsteam Tosca and JETVAC range. The JETVAC Professional Plus is an ideal solution to the bed bug problem as it delivers 160°+ Dry Steam with a tool which applies the steam evenly without blowing the bugs away and then also vacuums away the dead bugs and their eggs. These products are available from Duplex Cleaning Machines .

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