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Cleaning machines for Flotex carpet from Duplex Cleaning Machines

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Flotex carpets should be maintained to AS/NZS 3733 textile floor coverings cleaning standard.

With Duplex Cleaning Machines ' all-in-one Duplex floor scrubber/washer/dryer and a fast upright vacuum Flotex carpet can be maintained or restored to AS/NZS 3733 with ease.

The beauty of Flotex carpet is that they are basically indestructible with the 80,000 fibre density per square inch. Flotex carpet’s durability and soil resistance make Flotex the right choice in high-traffic commercial environments such as hospitals, healthcare, aged care, education and corporate offices.


The only negative with Flotex carpets is that a normal vacuum cleaner is not able to penetrate the dense carpet fibres with suction alone.

For regular cleaning a vacuum cleaner with a motorised brush head, such as the Duplex fast upright vacuum is recommended for basic everyday cleaning. This is because the bristles on the vacuum cleaner’s motorized brush agitate and lift dust from the carpet fibre and then it is vacuumed from the surface.

A normal vacuum cleaner will not operate effectively due to the Flotex carpet nylon backing and fibre density.


With the rubber backing Flotex carpets are completely waterproof and nylon fibres make it almost stain proof. This means that for cleaning heavily soiled Flotex carpets scrubbing is possible.

In fact the method recommended by Flotex is flood and scrub with water alone, no chemical or detergent is needed. The all-in-one Duplex floor scrubber/washer/extractor is the perfect machine for restoring Flotex and is the only machine that has a specific Flotex setting.

The Duplex floor scrubber/washer/extractor is the effective and efficient machine for cleaning large, short pile commercial carpet areas.

With the Duplex’s specialised cylindrical brush design the machine can scrub, wash, extract and dry in a single pass. This means that aged and heavily soiled Flotex can be restored in minutes.

A Duplex steam kit can also be attached for increased stain removal and decreased drying times. For spot cleaning and lightly soiled Flotex carpets a Duplex Jetvac steam vacuum may be used to remove stains.

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