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Carpet cleaning equipment from Duplex Cleaning Machines

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Finding quality carpet cleaning machines can often be difficult as there is a large variety of carpet cleaning equipment to choose from. There are vacuums, carpet extractors, shampoo cleaners, floor scrubbers, steam cleaning machines and turbo head vacuums just to name a few.

With so many pieces of carpet cleaning equipment on the market how do you decide what cleaning machine will give good results? Depending on the carpet the answer is easy and Duplex Cleaning Machines is happy to help.

For short pile carpets and commercial style carpets, such as Flotex or Godfrey Hurst carpets, the Duplex floor scrubber is an effective and efficient carpet cleaning machine. A Duplex is an all-in-one Floor Scrubber / Washer / Dryer that thoroughly cleans carpets by simultaneously washing, agitating and extracting. Agitation is the key with Flotex style carpets as suction fails to penetrate the dense carpet fibers. A Steam Kit can be attached for increased stain removal, disinfection and decreased drying times.

For large, short pile commercial carpet areas use a Duplex Floor Cleaning Machine with grey brushes. Plush carpets are cleaned with the Duplex with delicate yellow brushes. With a Duplex carpet is always left clean without chemicals. A common misconception is that people think chemical cleaners are the best way to clean; but this leaves residue behind in the carpet fibers which attract dirt and stains reappear within weeks.

For spot cleaning carpets a JetVac steam vacuum may be used to remove stains. Simply use steam to dissolve the stain and then remove the diluted stain through suction of the vacuum. A steam vacuum is also ideal for kitchen and bathroom cleaning as steam disinfects and sanitizes.

Then for everyday carpet cleaning and longer piles there is the Fast Upright. The Fast Upright vacuum cleaner is operationally fast and has a motorized turbo-head that agitates carpet fibers adhering to AS3733. With a fast upright you do not need to drag a vacuum behind you; instead you just push the upright in long effortless laps. A normal vacuum head will fail to penetrate to penetrate dense carpet with suction alone.

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