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Silicon pressure sensors

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article image The sensors are suitable for medical equipment.

HONEYWELL silicon pressure sensors are small, low cost, and reliable. They feature excellent repeatability, high accuracy, and reliability under varying environmental conditions. They are available from Duff & MacIntosh.

In addition, they feature highly consistent operating characteristics from one sensor to the next and interchange ability without recalibration.

The pressure sensors contain sensing elements that consist of four piezoresistors buried in the face of a thin, chemically-etched silicon diaphragm. A pressure change causes the diaphragm to flex, inducing a stress or strain in the diaphragm and the buried resistors. The resistor values change in proportion to the stress applied and produce an electrical output.

The sensors are suitable for medical equipment such as respiration, dialysis, infusion pump; HVAC, data storage and gas chromatography equipment; process controls; industrial machinery; pumps; robotics and off-road applications.

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