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SenSym ICT agent appointed

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DUFF & Macintosh Pty Ltd is now the agent for SenSym ICT.

In 1999, SenSym and Foxboro ICT were officially merged to form one company SenSym ICT.

This merger brought together two solid state pressure sensor companies with a base of high performance piezoresistive chip and state of the art sensor packaging technology.

Duff reports though this association, it can offer the greatest array of silicon pressure sensor products available in the world.

Basic chip technologies now available include: piezoresistive bridges in both shear and conventional formats, impedances from 300 to 10,000 ohms, surface and bulk micro-machined structures, and silicon to silicon and silicon-to-Pyrex bonding.

This is coupled with bonding and packaging technologies from conventional soft (RTV) and hard (eutectic) die attaches on plastic, ceramic and stainless steal packages to newer indium/ceramic and even direct silicon to stainless thermo-fused techniques.

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