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Sample cylinder available from Duff & MacIntosh

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Sampling of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and other 2-phase liquids that have high vapour pressures require sampling techniques using a metal cylinder (sample cylinder) for collection and transport.

Sentry’s sample cylinder, available from Duff & MacIntosh , allows samples to be collected at pressure. This assures that the sample constituents that can change state with pressure reduction are not lost during sample collection.

An example of this type of sample would be LPG or other two-phase fluids that could flash off sample constituents if the pressure was reduced during sampling.

Since the sample is a pressurised liquid that has a high vapour pressure, the sample cylinder assembly provides for a safe method of collection and transport as long as the maximum fill density meets regulatory requirements.

Sentry designed samplers use a male/female Quick Disconnect sets on the sampler and cylinder, so that when the sample cylinder is not on the sampler, the fixed QDC and the hose QDC can be connected to close the sample loop on the unit.

This prevents damage to the QDC ends and keeps them clean and minimises the number of sample cylinders needed for the sampling process.

Sentry’s tandem switching valve handle allows a highly repeatable sample to be collected from any operator, so sample accuracy is greatly improved.

It simplifies operation and sampling by replacing manual manipulation of multiple valves with two 3 way valves that perform multiple functions at one time.

It increases accuracy and is safer for the operator. From an ergonomic perspective, the valve’s large handle and wide operating arc make it is easier to turn and reduces operator effort in the sampling process

Sentry’s tandem switching valves have encapsulated balls that eliminate dead volume in the valve, preventing sample-to-sample contamination.

The benefits of the easy to turn valve and extended handle length enhance ergonomic and health/safety, encouraging easy operation and interest in the sampling process, which further increases sample accuracy.

Options include Sample coolers, Sight Glass/Flow Indicators, Isolation Valves, Enclosures in all shapes, sizes, materials and environmental ratings, Pipe Stands, Purges, Carbon canisters, Higher-pressure ratings, Special Sampler materials and Cylinder materials and Filters.

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