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Duff and MacIntosh introduces a wide range of Flowmeter products

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Duff and MacIntosh  has introduced a number of flowmeter products to Australia, with many brand names of flow meters over the years, including Fischer and Porter, Rotameter, Platon, Key Instruments, to name but a few.

With an ever increasing effort to provide flowmeters with a short delivery and high quality, Duff and Macintosh turned to a new flow meter manufacturer from the UK, Influx.

Influx's pedigree is evident in their range of flowmeters, including Glass tube flow meters, metal tube flowmeters, with "specials" now being standard fare.

Water scales and air scales are stock standard in Australia and we can cater for flowmeters of liquids other than water, and flow meters for gases other than air, and can manufacture special scales for special gases or gas mixtures at any process pressure (within the limits of the flowmeter, or course).

Influx's Uniflux range of flowmeters come in three scale lengths, and can be manufactured to have a turn-down ration as high as 30:1.

Fine needle control valves and a variety of connection configurations are also available.

With a repeatability of better than 0.5% of reading, accuracies of up to 1% reading are also possible, to fully traceable international standards on request.

Aesthetic styl­ing makes these flowmeters the first choice for incorporation into sampling and analyser systems.

The compact series is suited to applications where space is limited whereas the long series of flowmeters provide maximum readability and extended flow ranges, suitable for laboratory and calibration flow meter applications.

Flow switches, flow alarms and flow transmitters are also available options for Influx Flowmeters.

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