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Bedia Capactive Level Sensors available from Duff & MacIntosh

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Duff & MacIntosh introduces the Bedia Capactive Level Sensors series, which feature a wide operating temperature range, probes with a short-circuit proof switching transistor output and require minimal maintenance.

These Level Sensors respond to the change of capacitance that occurs when an electrode surrounded by the air is immersed into the medium to be monitored.  This capacitance change causes a circuit, in the level sensors, to oscillate and is then processed electronically.

Bedia Capactive Level Sensors Series includes:

  • Tube Sensor TLS100 works on the capacitive measuring principle and detects the presence of a liquid in a plastic tube. These plastic tubes may also be mounted as a by-pass on a compensator in order to signal the required medium level in containers.
  • Level Sensor NR80 are designed to monitor a preset medium level in electrically non-conductive containers with a wall thickness up to approx. 5mm. It is fitted outside the container. Suitable for water and other electrically conductive liquids with a high relative dielectric contant εг 35…85. Available as MIN or MAX sensor.
  • Level Sensor NR150 are suitable for liquids with low relative dielectric constant εг 1, 8…6 (ref. εг 2,1). With MIN/MAX selector switch. The functions for MIN or MAX monitoring as well as other properties (output signal LSS or HSS, response delay etc) are factory pre-set.
  • Capacitive Level Sensor NR160 are designed to monitor liquids and powders with high relative dielectric constant εг 35…85.
  • Capacitive Level Sensor NR260 are designed for use in fuel cells. The material is also suited to applications in the chemical industry for monitoring aggressive media.
The Bedia Capactive Level Sensors Series, available from Duff & MacIntosh, are factory-preset as a minimum or maximum sensor with an open-circuit or closed circuit principle.

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