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BRISTOL Equipment, represented in Australia by Duff and Macintosh , has released the Isolok series samplers. The devices draw measured samples of fluids, slurries, pastes, creams, and powders. They are actuated by a compressed-air cylinder. The sample path is completely enclosed to avoid spillage, contamination of sample or process, and material exposure to personnel or the plant environment.

The sampler body encloses a plunger that extends into the process stream, then immediately withdraws. Samples are trapped in a ring at the end of the plunger, sized to capture 14cc of material by positive displacement with each cycle.

The sample is drawn into the sampler body and discharged by gravity directly into an attached container or transfer line. Custom rings for different sample sizes are available.

The samplers are designed to meet sanitary standards for food, dairy, and pharmaceutical applications. All metal parts are type-316 stainless steel with polished finish. Moving parts are hardened with industrial chrome for extra wear resistance.

Field-changeable O-ring seals encircle the plunger at both ends of the ring. This keeps the process material isolated regardless of plunger position. Product-contact seals are FDA-recognised elastomers. Non-contact seals are filled teflon. Alternatives include Buna-n, Viton, EPDM, or polyurethane elastomers, in both general-purpose and food-grade compounds.

Standard MSC sampler construction includes a built-in bottle mount that accepts standard plastic labware containers with 70mm threads. Adaptors are available for other bottle-thread sizes. Sample containers are offered in sizes ranging from 125ml to four litres.

Actuating cylinders are double-acting and eliminate any need for supplemental lubrication in the operating air. Two cylinder sizes, both with 2" stroke, offer 1-1/2" bore for use with process pressures up to 70psig, and 2-3/8" bore for process pressures up to 200psig.

Available cycle controls include automatic time-base, flow-proportional, manual cycling, and programmable logic controller) interface modules.

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