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Alicat Scientific has recently commenced working in the semiconductor space by introducing its line of low flow (0.5SCCM - 50SCCM) Alicat Mass Flow Controllers to the semiconductor manufacturing industry.
Alicat Mass Flow Controllers are available from Duff & MacIntosh .

Semiconductor manufacturing processes such as chemical vapour deposition (CVD), physical vapour deposition (PVD), thin film, sputtering and backside wafer cooling call for a MFC that has the ability to control below 5SCCM.

With internally compensated laminar flow technology, the Alicat Mass Flow Controllers can control at flow rates as low as 0.5SCCM full scale with a control range of 1% - 100% full scale and a control response time of less than 100ms with 1% accuracy.

The Alicat Mass Flow Controllers are NIST and CE certified and have more than 30 user-selectable gases and mixture calibrations on board, as well as a small footprint for easy mounting.

The Alicat Mass Flow Controllers also come standard with a display allowing the user to quickly view the status of the device, change the values of the PID control loop and view several parameters including mass flow, volumetric flow, psia, and temperature.

A variety of customisable components are available including totaliser function and a variety of fittings.

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