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UPS back-up power products available from Dueltek Computer Products

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Natural disasters are one of the major causes of power failure. When a black-out occurs it does not matter whether you are a massive billion dollar corporation or a sole trader, everyone is affected. On the eve of this bushfire season, now is the time you need to start planning ahead.

In early 2007, hundreds of thousands of Victorians were without electricity after bushfires in the north-eastern alpine region shorted out vital power infrastructure.

Just when you thought Melbourne and Victoria generally had stable power, the state goes and dumps 30% of its electricity supply in one day.

If you were one of the businesses that lost power that day, you would have experienced how quickly a black-out can affect your company’s productivity.

Aside from the lost time; ask yourself these three questions:

  • How much irreplaceable data did you lose when your computer systems shut down without giving you a chance to save your precious work?
  • How many customers could not you service because your business is 100% IT or POS?
  • Was any of your office equipment damaged or burnt-out from the power surge?

All these small avoidable things subsequently would have cost your business money with no chance of compensation. In this case, prevention is the only cure.

With power problems occurring 15 times more frequently than computer viruses, you need power protection to keep your hardware safe.

Obviously, everyone would like to reduce the effects of power problems such as keyboard lockups, system crashes, data corruption and lost internet connections. But the solution has to be easy to install and simple to use.

Dueltek Computer Products  has a full line of user-friendly back-up UPS products to keep your leading-edge equipment up and running.

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