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TCAU-3 Modular AV Wall Plates from Dueltek Distribution

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Modular wall plates featuring an attractive architectural front surround system are available from Dueltek Distribution .  

The Vision Techconnect range of modular AV wall plates is suitable for corporate and home cinema applications, allowing seamless integration of connectivity, audio and control.  

The modular AV wall plates also incorporate robust clip-in modules for quick and flexible installation.

Plug-in connectors are provided on the rear of the modules. Cables come pre-terminated with male connectors, which are simply plugged into the rear of the module.  

Pulling or shortening the cable can be done by simply unscrewing the phoenix connector.  

The modular wall plates are designed to provide the speed advantages of pre-terminated systems along with the flexibility one needs during operation.

Simple installation is enabled by these modular wall plates. No soldering is required because of the phoenix connector’s captive screw design.  

The modules are interchangeable for easy swapping if the user requires a different connector to be installed in future.  

TCAU-3 Module Package

  • 1 x 1-Gang AUS Surround (accommodates 3 modules)
  • 1 x 1-Gang AUS Mud Ring
  • 1 x VGA with 3.5mm Mini-Jack Module
  • 1 x USB (B-type on front) Module
  • 1 x 3-RCA Composite Module (Red, White, Yellow)
  • 1 x Blanking Panels Module
  • Clipsal 2000 compatible hole spacing

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