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Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway available from Dueltek

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To help IT administrators quickly locate, access and control servers and devices in data centres and branch offices, Raritan today announced new capabilities and enhancements to its CommandCenter Secure Gateway (CC-SG) centralised access gateway solution.

CC-SG 3.1 comes with a new revamped graphical user interface and a user-defined Node View that enables IT administrators, from a single screen, to view target servers and devices, as well as all available remote access methods in-band and out-of-band and remote power management on/off/recycle options for each device.

A single solution with all these capabilities is an industry first; other vendors require multiple solutions to deliver the same functionalities found in CC-SG 3.1.

From CC-SG’s centralised management dashboard users can easily define a target device’s access and power interfaces, including a combination of the following:

KVM and Serial access using Raritan Dominion and Paragon products. Virtual KVM access through iLO/RiLOE II, Dell DRAC4 or IBM RSA II embedded solutions; and through software applications, such as RDP, VNC and SSH.

Power control for power on, off and recycle through power strips connected to Raritan Dominion products; IPMI-enabled servers; and embedded power solutions, such as iLO/RiLOE II, Dell DRAC4 or IBM RSA II.

CC-SG 3.1 management software is delivered in a secure, high-availability appliance, making it an ideal choice for companies wanting a centralised IT management solution that is easy to deploy and use.

Raritan also unveiled today a new CC-SG appliance model, the CC-SG E1 for larger enterprise deployments. The CC-SG E1 which comes in a 2U form factor provides dual processors, each with a dedicated memory chip; dual power supply; and dual Ethernet connections for redundancy or network gateway configurations.

Special node license packages are available for the E1, as well as a cluster configuration for failover situations.

“With CC-SG 3.1, Raritan delivers a complete solution and user experience designed to support the unique needs of different IT workers in the data centre,” said Shai Laronne, CommandCenter Secure Gateway Product Manager at Raritan.

“System administrators, for example, can now enjoy real-time physical and logical views of nodes, users and devices on one screen. This robust and feature-rich experience enables system administrators to easily configure, manage and monitor the system through the Admin Client. System users, on the other hand, are provided with an easy to use HTML-based Access Client which provides quick and simple access and power control functions to target devices.”

“By providing multiple access and user experience options to our customers they can streamline and simplify IT management in order to reduce time to repair and improve service uptime and availability,” Laronne added.

Super-user access and strong-user name and password authentication features were added to CC-SG’s multi-layered and robust security and policy management tools.


CC-SG 3.1 is available through Dueltek Computer Products.

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