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OM3 and OM4 fibre cables from Dueltek Distribution

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The OM4 fibre cables from Dueltek Distribution have been developed specifically for the vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser, or VCSEL laser transmission.

On the market since 2005, OM4 fibre cables are sold as premium OM3 or OM3+ fibre with the OM4 designation standardised across all manufacturers so that the customer has a clearer idea of the product being bought.

OM4 is completely backwards compatible with OM3 fibre and shares the same distinctive aqua jacket. OM4 fibre cables allow 10 Gig/second link distances of up to 550m (compared to 300m with OM3).

The effective modal bandwidth for OM4 is more than double that of OM3 (4700 MHz.km for OM4 Vs. 2000 MHz.km for OM3).

While OM3 fibre will still be future-proof in most applications allowing speeds of 10GB/s up to 100GB/s, OM4 fibre offers users longer length distances.

All Dueltek fibre cables are made in an ISO 9001 approved manufacturing facility for assured reliability in mission critical systems.

Key features of Dueltek OM4 fibre cables:

  • RoHS compliant
  • LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) PVC jacket
  • Machine UPC (Ultra Polished Connectors)
  • Pre-terminated with quality connectors
  • UL approved with high quality corning fibres
  • Ceramic ferrules
  • Multi-mode duplex cable
  • Typical insertion loss of less than 0.5dB
  • ISO 9001 approved factory manufactured and fully tested
  • Core thickness is 50 microns (outside cladding of 125 microns)
  • OM4 rated

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