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Dueltek offers N-Series KVM Console Drawer from Austin Hughes

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Dueltek Computer Products  offers the N Series KVM console drawer from Austin Hughes, a 1U next generation LCD KVM drawer available with a 17-inch or 19-inch Samsung Class A LCD panel.  

The rack mount drawer ships as standard with both PS/2 and USB connectivity in addition to either touchpad or trackball mouse in most European keyboard language layouts.  

The N series KVM console drawer is an enhanced version of the highly popular RKP series with improved aesthetics, a new front panel, single or one-man installation rails as well as a new keyboard with standard numerical pad and the mouse module to the lower centre of the keyboard.  

The N series KVM console drawer offers the option of an integrated USB, PS/2 or Cat5 KVM switch. The KVM drawer allows the user to connect up to 32 servers (Cat5); additionally the KVM drawer can be cascaded or stacked with Austin Hughes' CV and U series.  

KVM Options  

Austin Hughes offers options such as high density integrated 16-port and 32-port Cat5 KVM switches.  

Designed to provide added benefits to its users the Cat5 KVM switch range offers increased density, increased distances (40m) between the switch and server, enhanced cable management as well as multiplatform capabilities over traditional KVM switch platforms.  

With other options available such as a second remote user and KVM over IP remote access, Austin Hughes can provide a complete KVM solution.  

Features and Benefits

  • 1U rack mount drawer with either 17-inch or 19-inch Samsung LCD
  • PS/2 or USB input to the LCD drawer by cable selection
  • Multiple keyboard language selections with either touchpad or trackball mouse
  • Slide rails with fixed positions to prevent drawer movement when typing
  • Multilingual on-screen display menu
  • 12V, 24V and 48V DC power options
  • Cost-efficient 8-port or 16-port DB15 KVM integration
  • High density Cat5 KVM with either 16 ports or 32 ports in 1U of rack space
  • Single or One Man installation slides for easy, quick installation
  • 104-key notepad keyboard with full numerical pad
  • PS/2, USB and SUN with multi-platform switch capability
  • Secure remote user access across the world wide web

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