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Whether you're moving your monitor two feet or one hundred feet, the Dueltek Premium VGA Cables are what you need.

VGA patch and extension cables can connect your monitor to your computer source up to 50 Metres away with minimal or no signal loss, thanks to the Gold Plated Connectors & Triple-Shielded Mini-Coax wire used in all our video cables.    

For advanced video solutions, Dueltek Wall-Mount accessories & Right Angled Premium VGA Cables provide easily accessible VGA ports wherever you might need them, and our non-terminated spliced cables can be run through small conduit and confined spaces for straightforward AV installations.    

The Dueltek Premium VGA Cables are specially designed to plug into a Clipsal standard VGA Wall Plate. The Right-Angle connector allows for easier mounting into the Wall Plate within a wall cavity. The other end is a standard Male connector with thumbscrews.    

All Dueltek Premium VGA Cables are made to UL standard with Tri-Coaxial + 7 Control wire cable to suit XGA Super High Resolution. Each High quality cable is foil and braid shielded. Pin 9 is removed as required by VGA/XGA controller standards.  

Features & Benefits of Dueltek Premium VGA Cables:  

  • Tri-Coaxial + 7 Control wire cable
  • Foil and Braid Shielded
  • PC99 Colour Coding
  • Dual ferrite filters
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Pin 9 is removed as required by VGA/XGA controller standards.

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