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Dueltek Computer Products to extend USB 50 metres with Cat5e

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In the past; extending a USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable more than 5 metres was seemingly impossible without a booster because of the amount of data that a USB cable carries, it is a certainty that any cable longer than five metres will suffer some kind of signal or transmission loss.

In September 2007, Dueltek Computer Products will be releasing a device that will extend a USB signal up to 50 metres with Cat5e.

Developed by Bafo Technologies, the new USB-CAT5-EXT uses Category 5 enhanced Ethernet cable for the distance and a new USB adapter to convert the signal.

“This is a really exciting time for us… A large portion of Dueltek’s customers who are on the front line of data installation, have been waiting for this technology ever since USB became the standard.” says Gary Herzig (Managing Director of Dueltek Computer Products)

The sleek black casing and durable modern design make this USB Extender a striking addition to your desktop or a subtle camouflaged connector that will keep the back of your workstation neat and tidy.

The ability to extend USB 50 metres with Cat5e is a perfect solution for your office or home when you need to connect your computer to a USB device, printer or scanner.

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