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Durable paint protection services from Ducopro

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Ducopro  specialises in providing automotive paint protection services. These paint protection services are suitable for boats, aircrafts and cars. Ducopro offers these paint protection services at cost effective rates.

Glassplexin is a glare paint protection product provided by Ducopro. Glassplexin is a liquid glass which is used with these paint protection products for repairing paint blemishes and scratches. Ducopro also offers protection to cars against stains, bird acids, tar, hard water, tree sap and road grimes through these glare protection products. Ducopro enables to improve the look and value of the cars through these paint protection products. These glare protection products from Ducopro works on used cars as well as provide the same protection and benefits similar to new cars.

Glassplexin glare paint protection product from Ducopro is a silicate liquid glass available from Ducopro. These glare paint protection products have the capability to withstand temperatures ranging from 50 degree Celsius to 400 degree Celsius. The glare paint protection product from Ducopro also blocks out corrosion as well as protects against ultraviolet rays thereby reducing fading effects.

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