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Car buffs take a shine to Liquid Glass paint protection

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Everyone has heard about paint protection, many of us have had good experiences but unfortunately many have had bad experiences as well.

To find the best Paint Protection available today it is impportant to consider:  

  • Ease of application
  • Durability
  • Gloss / Shine
  • Cost  

Once we moved past basic wax and polymers, we found relatively little variation in cost. It was hard for us to measure durability, so we have relied on testimonials by independent users of the product types: Car rental firms, car enthusiasts etc. 

Liquid Glass Paint Protection is different to all other paint protection systems. It contains GlassPlexin.

Liquid Glass Paint Protection actually turns to glass on and within the surface and becomes part of it, flexing and contracting as the temperature varies.

It does not peel, flake, crack, discolour or come off as long as the temperature remains between -50°C and 400°C.

As Liquid Glass Paint Protection filters out UV radiation from the sun, it eliminates oxidation and fading of paint before it begins.

Over recent years, car paint manufacturers have added UV absorbers into paints. Various technologies are used, but all currently used UV absorbers and HALS (hindered amine light stabilisers) volatilise and are lost from the coating over time and migrate into the basecoat or even into the substrate.

This leaves the paint unprotected against fading and oxidation. Automotive paint manufacturers have been working on this problem for decades and have found no economical solution to date.

Regular wax and virtually all other paint protection products on the market produce large water beads (i.e. droplets) on the surface of the paint.

Liquid Glass Paint Protection produces tiny water beads instead. Droplets can only form on surfaces with strong adhesion to water. (i.e. the water sticks to the surface).

Tiny water beads means the water cannot stick to the car as readily. Droplets contain much more water than tiny beads. This is important for two reasons:

  • Rain water is acidic. While the acid in rainwater does not affect Liquid Glass Paint Protection, it does affect virtually every other paint protection system. The better the water sticks to the car, the more damage to the paint.  
  • Rain water contains dust and other impurities. Larger droplets means there is more dirt left on the car as the water dries off. With Liquid Glass Paint Protection, your car will usually be cleaner after a heavy rainfall. Waxed cars usually get very dirty in the rain.  

Only the Liquid Glass Paint Protection fulfilled the above criteria. The main strength of the Glare Paint Protection is in durability (5 years), superior gloss and shine, easy to apply DIY and relatively non-expensive.

Another strong point of this paint protection is it does not peel, crack or discolour, which is an important factor for any fibre glass application.

We were involved in a boat repair, to remove paint protection which cracked and peeled off. It took 3 men and 4 days to remove the old paint protection from the boat. Then the boat was treated with the Liquid Glass Paint Protection and 12 months later the paint protection is still performing well.

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